DC City Council Representatives

With the 2010 US Census, the Fairlawn Community has had ward redrawing once again. After the 2000 Census, Fairlawn was moved from Ward 6, which at that time extended west of the Anacostia River and through Capitol Hill, to being placed in the east of the Anacostia River Ward 7 and Ward 8. The 2010 Census has placed almost all of Fairlawn in Ward 8, with the exception of the 2300 block of Pennsylvania Ave which has been moved from Ward 8 to Ward 7

The current DC City Council Representative for Ward 8 is Trayon White . Ward 7 is represented on the DC City Council by Vincent Gray.

While Fairlawn have the two people above as elected Ward representatives, DC City Council structure also has citywide at-large representatives which are also voted on by Fairlawn residents. They are as follows,

Phil Mendelson - City Council Chairman

David Grosso -At Large.

Elissa Silverman -At Large.

Anita Bonds -At Large.

Robert White, Jr -At Large.

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